Val Stilwell, MSCS | Communication Strategist 

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For The Right Word - At The Right Time - In The Right Place - To Make The Right Thing Happen 

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Professional Services

  • Personal Branding
  • Social Media Coaching
  • B2B Introductions
  • And more...
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I unearth new ways of making communication work better for you. That may involve introducing new methodologies into your business such as using Twitter to talk to customers, holding skill building workshops, or starting a business blog to give customers free help and resources. It could be developing a tagline that resonates ~ each client has different needs.

One of my most popular requests is to make B2B connections - lining up those specific conversations that create the project tipping point. For many, getting through firewalls and gatekeepers can be a daunting task.

A fast growing service is the need for my social media workshops and coaching. I teach businesses and individuals how to maximize  social media by simplifiying the process for easy use, quick adoption, and maximum leverage.

My work might also mean running a workshop on how to get the most out of email or developing personal communication skills to accomplish specific tasks. 

New product rollout is a perfect time to establish market entry inclusive of a plan encompassing niche influencers - a role into which I adeptly step .

For bigger companies/organizations, I typically work with senior staff as communication strategy relates to the very core of how a company presents their strengths and benefits. For smaller companies/organizations, I work directly with the owner/CEO. Sparking a startup floats my boat!

Analysis, Planning, Implementation & Follow-Up

My services as a communication strategist typically works by initially analyzing perceived challenges and the communication channels that open them. I identify the areas needing improvement or initiation and outline a strategy to implement changes. 

Anyone can put words together. It takes a professional to craft your message.

What does it cost?

You'll be expected to pay the same kind of fees paid to management consultants. Great communication skills are vital to your business because ultimately they affect your productivity and success. It's a worthwhile investment.

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What skills should you look for?


        A skilled communication strategist:

  • understands communication objectives
  • knows how to target your audience
  • is able to communicate effectively with a range of staff holding different positions in your organization
  • is skilled at written and verbal communication
  • is up-to-date with emerging channels (like Social Media, blogging, etc)
  • practices what they preach

As an evolutionary - I expect change.

 Without it we lose site 

of the possibilities of tomorrow.