Val Stilwell, MSCS | Communication Strategist 

Seminar & Workshop Topics:

Personal Branding

Social Media

  • What is your Digital Reflection
  • Build your Pro Self
  • Create strategic positioning
  • Open opportunities
  • What is it
  • Stake out your Digital Real Estate
  • How can you maximize it
  • Create your strategy

Sept / Oct 2013

Full / Registrattion Closed

 3 Part Series: Strategic Networking Integrated With Social Media To Shift Your Bottom Line

In Partnership With The Eugene Chamber Of Commerce

Dates: Sept 26, Oct 3, Oct 10, 2013
Time: 9:00 AM TO 12:00 PM 
Reserved and LImited  Seating

Event Description: 

How To Grow Your Business And Impact Your Bottom Line Using Strategic Networking And Social Media

Did you know…

73% of your business will be built through Networking?
90% of all executive jobs are acquired through Networking?
90% of customers will recommend Brands after Social Media interactions?

Session One: 9/26/13
* Learn How to Increase Revenue through Networking Strategically
* Learn How Increased Referrals Boost Your Bottom Line

Session Two: 10/3/13
* Create a 90 Day Networking Strategy
* Learn and Practice Master Networker Skills

Session Three: Using Social Media to Increase Your Bottom Line 10/10/13
* Position Your Business as the Leader in Your Market Niche
* Identify which social media channel increases your business – i.e.Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn --and learn how to use them                    effectively
* Learn about HootSuite – a social media management tool to save you time, effort, and money
* Learn about Blogging –why it is critical to your bottom line and how to put it to work for your business

Whether you’re an established business trying to navigate the changing landscape of today’s market, or a new business that’s ready to break through and set yourself apart from the pack, you won’t want to miss the powerful opportunity to learn how to shift your business and impact your bottom line.

In partnership with the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce
Seating is limited and registration is required. 
$99 for 3-part series. 

 "The first meeting I had with KL blew me away! She was able to get to the core of what mattered most to me in life, not business. I chose to attend several of her training/coaching events. She reinforced what was most important to me as a person and helped me bring it to my business. Putting her strategic networking advice & philosophy into practice has tripled my annual income and my business has grown the right way." 
–Tom Freitag, April 13, 2013

Full / Registration Clossed