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Cognitive Theory on Mass Media

Theory goes that repeated exposure [to media] can change human behavior.

Values – how they’re formed.. media interacts with a society’s value system.   If you base your communication to work on values, attitudes, emotions, and behavior, their [mass media’s] effects can be pre determined and put to use. 

A person’s value system is built on pre-learned patterns of identifying elements of their surroundings-thus guiding how they interact with them. The values and actions that have emotions tied to them are the most impactful on a person’s value system.  These [opportunities] are called Exemplars and are the foundation for a person’s psychological make-up. 

Mass media – repeated exposure and voila,  now we have media that drives society, not reflects it as some others would have you think. Reflect on demand for fashion, electronics, cars, dogs, one night stands, tattoos -now I’m droning..

Over a period of years, the seeded Exemplars can change the value system of a society… ya think?!