Val Stilwell, MSCS | Communication Strategist 

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I will either find a way, or make one.

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My Mission Statement

To have intellectual depth, personal integrity, vision, energy, creativity, and

an absolute passion for my work developed through inspiration, poise, and resilience.

Why People's Opinions of You Aren't Real

Why People's Opinions of You Aren't Real

Posted by Kyle Cease on Friday, September 4, 2015
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Staying Active and Acutely Aware

My clients expect full performance. They should expect no less.

I compare projects to skiing - you ride up the lift, all the while scoping the landscape, weather, obstacles, and terrain variance. Once you reach the top, you've figured out your path and best turns back to base. You evaluate the run and do it again until you know the mountain like the back of your hand and your turns become second nature.

Selected Career Contributions – Performance

  • Increased program affiliation 516% in 14 months
  • Integral role for a $30M+ International company sale/acquisition.
  • Negotiated three-year ODOT audit saving more than $350,000 for client.
  • Project Manager & Start-up Strategist for splinter corporation with budget of $13M+
  • Invited speaker for National Association of Television Producers and Executives
  • Coordinated a crossover print beta test for Fortune companies reaching 89 million households in 13 weeks.
  • Coordinated international sales and shipments of heavy industrial equipment

Clientele Sampling


National Marketing Project for Assistive Technology Software Developers


National Foster Parent Training Program


Corporate Information Packaging of $30M+ Corporate Sale


 $13M Company From Dirt to Function  


Communication Model Integrating Broadcast & New Media on Economy of Scale                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Current Affiliations

Chief Strategist Officer for

Alpine Patroller - National Ski Patrol

Coordinator Lead Chaperone - for Ski Bus Program

Co-Captain of Athletic Escort Team for Olympic Trials

Co-Captain of Athletic Escort Team for National Track and Field Meets


Past Affiliations

Board of Directors - Whole Earth Nature School

Tutor -  English as a Second Language

Co-Captain of Athletic Escort Team for Olympic Trials

Co-Captain of Athletic Escort Team for National Track and Field Meets

Co-Chair - Ambassadors, Greeters / City of Eugene   Chamber of Commerce

Facilitator, City of Eugene / U of O Public Forums

VP of Public Relations - Toastmasters International Yawn Patrol

President, BOD Children’s Care Center – PlumTree Children’s Center

Director, University Adult Student Program – Returning Students Association


Master of Science in Communication and Society

Bachelor of Science in Journalism and PR


Television Broadcasting With Mixed Media - the notion on integrating traditional broadcasting with new media has my attention. 

The market is wide open with vast opportunities to cross over channels and incorporate social venues. Think of direct interaction, both horizontal and vertical expansion mechanisms and revenue generation. 

This platform has my inner sanctum attention.