Val Stilwell, MSCS | Communication Strategist 

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The problem with communication 

is the illusion

that it has occurred .

                             ~Bernard Shaw

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Val Stilwell MSCS

My Passion Right Now:

Tiny Homes!

Good Business Is Alignment Strategy

  • Think holistically
  • Perform actions of service
  • Help others succeed

Make Your Digital Footprint Work For You

So what's the big deal about "Likes" and "Follows"? I hear this question all the time. Find out how they impact SEO searches based on relevancy. 

Think of Social Media as different forms of conversations. Twitter is the doorbell, Facebook is the porch conversation, Pinterest is your conversation scrapbook, and hashtags give you a way to sift and sort relevent conversations by interest.  

I help folks sort it all out and set a strategy to gain control over their digital counterparts - from Facebook, to YouTube, to Websites, and beyond, I'm here to help small businesses reach their desired potentials.

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Stake Your Digital Real Estate 

     Plan your best strategy!

Personal Branding ~ 

      What shows up on the web? 

Google yourself once a month!

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  • vstil

    check this dude out - his ski training routine... uh, nothing shy of whoa!

    21st September @ 04:38
  • vstil

    @BrianHylandCDU your sources?

    3rd April @ 02:18
  • vstil

    We are running a bus to Bachelor on Saturday March 25! Sign up Now!

    23rd March @ 22:03
  • vstil

    YouTube is quickly becoming the go to Alt Media source for people seeking alt narratives.

    22nd March @ 21:03
  • vstil

    Rare Event! Sunday bus to Mt Bachelor from Berg's Ski Shop. Sunday is a bluebird day! If you ever thought...

    10th February @ 22:30
  • vstil

    squaw valley skiers... have rubber bones.

    9th February @ 20:07